So it’s been months, maybe longer, that my then-boyfriend, now-fiancé has been telling me to write a blog.  Let’s just say there’s always been a wee bit of resistance on my part.  Okay, perhaps not so wee.

When this whole blogging thing came onto my radar, all I could think was, “who gives a crap what I ate for lunch?”  This was also part of my reluctance to join Facebook, but, well, I finally gave in there, too.  It turned out that Facebook was a really good way to check out my friends vacation photos from their trip to the Beijing Olympics, and I’ve been on there ever since.  Now, I still may not post status updates about my lunch, but I’m starting to see some value to this whole social-networking thing.  It’s nice to have a forum to share with far-flung friends, especially when I’m terrible about using the phone.

And come to think of it, I have a few foodie coworkers who would, most definitely, be interested in what I ate for lunch.