So, why the blog, you ask?

Originally, I thought it would be fun to share thoughts on design-related things, but there are so many blogs out there that I love – that are already doing an excellent job on that front.  This is not to say I wouldn’t have anything to add, but I didn’t want to limit it to just that.  So, let’s say this will include posts about design sometimes, and sometimes it will be about other lifestyle-related topics – food, wine, travel (real or imagined), living in the fog of San Francisco, family, friends, and maybe some outdoorsy stuff thrown in.  Oh, and there may be a few posts about this little wedding thing we’re planning…So, I’ve basically narrowed it down to things I care about…but maybe you care about them, too, so you’ll want to check things out.  Or maybe you don’t.  If the latter is the case, I might suggest that this probably isn’t the blog for you. Just sayin’.