The engagement bliss was wonderful.

Minutes after the proposal...

But, the whole point of getting engaged is to someday get married. Now it’s time to get to the real task at hand.  And as anyone who has gotten married will tell you, the first sentence after “Congratulations!” is “so, have you set a date?”  Perhaps they don’t realize that in today’s era of the multi-billion dollar (just guessing) wedding-industrial-complex, the setting of the date and the reserving of the venue(s) are inextricably tied.  So the short answer to that question is – not yet.

I would like to say that we’ve narrowed it down, but everywhere from San Francisco to points 50 miles north sounds pretty wide to me.  It’s hard to choose between a venue in the City we’ve both come to call home and one in the more rural countryside/wine country where I grew up.  Here’s hoping that by visiting various sites, we’ll stumble upon “the one” with the right mix of modern and comfortable, classic and charming.  Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that it’s available.