Finally! It’s August 23rd.  Lots of kids started school today, signaling the end of their glorious, sun- and leisure-filled summer vacations.  Around here, however, we’ve been shivering through our coldest summer in 40 years.  We’re talking scarves and wool socks.  Biting cold winds and fog that doesn’t burn off by noon.  People checking calendars to be sure it isn’t November, having somehow missed Halloween.  But not today.  Today, the temperature said hello to the 80s again.  Just when we thought we might miss our summer completely.  It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do for the psyche.  I went for a run this evening – in shorts.  Shorts!  And tonight, the windows are open, the breeze has calmed, and once again, I can see the sparkling lights on my favorite bridge.  Welcome back.  Better late than never.

“My San Francisco on her seven hills is smiling, beside an opalescent sunset sea.” ~ George Caldwell, 1919