I don’t know what brides-to-be did before the internet.  Really.  I guess it was all about the bridal magazines.  These days, there’s a veritable plethora of virtual wedding planning going on.  (Full disclosure:  while I never bought a wedding magazine before I got engaged, there may have been a wee bit of wedding blog browsing going on, but purely to help friends getting married, or floral design research for helping out E.  Purely.)  I’ll admit there are at least five wedding blogs that I stalk on a regular basis.  One of them – Style Me Pretty – is pretty amazing.  And I just discovered the best part.

Many of the photos on the site have little color palettes at the bottom when you hover the cursor over them…then you can click on a particular color and see more photos using that color!  Trust me, it’s awesome.  So then, you can add these photos to your favorites and then create your own inspiration boards.  It’s almost too easy.  So…I made a couple.  Just starting to get my head around some color schemes and ideas that I may like.  Let me know what you think!