Women of Honor?  Best girls?  The term is still up for discussion.  I don’t much care for the word “matron,” especially if it’s going to be used to describe my lovely honor attendants who are not matronly at all.  They are, however, married.  Apparently, they’re no longer considered “maids.”  I have yet to determine, with their input, what they will officially be called, but I’ve taken care of the more important part – asking them to be in the wedding.

I have two amazing BFFs – Emily & Megan.  We’ve all known each other since we were about 6 years old.  I met them in Mrs. Gramling’s second grade class, and we went all the way through Senior year of high school together.  Em & I even roomed together freshman year of college.

We’re at 28 years of friendship and counting.  There’s something so wonderful about friends who’ve known you all your life – when they’ve been around this long, it makes you pretty confident they’ll stick around for the future.  I was honored to stand up with each of them for their weddings, and I can’t wait to have them stand up with me at mine.

I wanted to ask each of them to be my Women of Honor in a special way.  I pulled together photos of us from over the years and put them together in a little photo book with captions and a little note at the end.  Also included was a CD I burned – a “mix tape” of songs that reminded me of each of them and our friendship over the years.  Lucky for me, they both said yes!