My grandmother was ahead of her time.  She reduced, reused, and recycled long before it was in fashion.  She cleaned and reused aluminum foil until it resembled silver-colored lace.  There was no such thing as waste.  I suppose it was the result of living through the Great Depression, but I’m sure, to her, it just seemed like common sense to continue using something as long as it was still “perfectly good.”  She was also a feisty broad.  I think I could do well to be a little more like her.

So this year, I’m reviving a practice that she taught me when I was young, but haven’t kept up with in a while.  She would save all the Christmas cards she received and cut the pictures up to make into to & from gift tags.  It’s quick and easy, and they’re way more interesting than store-bought ones. And the bonus is that you can feel a little better than if you just threw the cards in the recycling bin.

I wonder if she knew how cool she was…maybe she did.  Whenever I called to tell her of a recent accomplishment, she’d reply, “you know you got that from me, right?”  Yes, Grandma Edna, I do.

So, it’s Christmas Eve, and since I’m reveling in a little nostalgia, it seems fitting to leave you with Grandma Edna’s immortal words (in our family, at least), spoken as she shooed us out the door, fearing we’d find Christmas mass to be standing room only, “now get the hell out of here…and Merry Christmas!”