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I have a new obsession.  It’s the biggest computer time suck since Tetris in the early 90s (for me, at least).  And I love it.  It’s called Pinterest.  Slap me if you’ve heard all this before, but it’s fairly new to me.  It is genius.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with a folder full of of inspiration images on my computer (and several binders-full, torn from magazines, on my bookshelves), but this great little website allows you to “pin” your favorite images from around the interwebs, with links to the original location (great for tracking things down later), and you can share them with friends who “follow” you.  You can also sort them into “boards,” which is great for categories like food, clothes, design, etc.  I really wish I had discovered this at the beginning of my wedding planning, instead of near the end, but hindsight…oh well.

Crack – well that’s one way to describe it.  I’d rather think of it as a place for all the pretty things.

Happy Friday!


Okay, back to the wedding in Lake Tahoe.  Aside from the 4 hour drive from San Francisco to Incline, we had a few other concerns about assembling the flowers “on location.”

1)  Weather:  Tahoe during the “in between seasons” can be a little unpredictable weather-wise.  You can have snow one day and bluebird 70 degrees the next.  We were a little afraid that we could have some scorching weather and we wouldn’t be able to keep the flowers cool.  Would we have to enlist the refrigerators at everyone’s condos?

2)  Workspace:  We were staying in a rental house in Incline Village.  It was also three stories.  Fingers were crossed that we would even have access to the garage, but we also didn’t want to be trekking up and down several flights of stairs all day.

3)  Transport:  Half of the arrangements were about five feet tall – how would we get them to the ceremony and reception sites?

4)  Timing:  It’s always hard to do the flowers for a wedding that you’re also attending.  It’s even harder when the reception site will only let you set up 90 minutes prior to the reception, and the ceremony starts 60 minutes before the reception.  You do the math.

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Driving up Highway 80, with an SUV full of flowers and the thermostat set to “chilly,”  the clouds started rolling in.  By the time we hit Auburn, in the foothills, it had started to rain.  It was coming down pretty hard as we came over Donner Pass and the temperature dropped into the mid 40s.  Brrrr…  Well, no fear of scorched and wilted flowers – just frost.  And hopefully the rain wouldn’t last until Friday and dampen the spirits of the wedding party.

We arrived to the house after dark and quickly unloaded all the buckets into the garage (yay – it was open!).  With the cool temps outside, the garage served as an ideal walk-in cooler.  Even better, as Megan quickly discovered, the pool table had a ping-pong topper that would make the perfect workbench – score #2!

The next morning, we woke to a cool, crisp day, with clear blue skies!  It was gorgeous out.  After a brief rehearsal at the church, the guys headed out to golf and our little team – Meg, Mom and I – got to work.  We had tall centerpieces, low centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres to make, and we needed to be done before the rehearsal dinner that night.  For the most part, we divided and conquered.  Mom’s specialty is the large arrangements, and she even figured out how we could have them all prepped and then assembled on site, which helped with the transport.  After some quick prototyping, Megan and I got to work on the lower centerpieces and the arrangements for the cocktail tables.  Megan then handled the boutonnieres and I tackled the bouquets for the bride and her maids.  We had a blast – hanging out, catching up, making pretty things, listening to music, and we even finished ahead of schedule.

The next day was a bit of a whirlwind.  Megan was also in the wedding, so she had to leave early for hair and makeup.  I got the car all loaded up and then showered and got dressed.  Mom and I made the deliveries to the guys (boutonnieres), to the church (arrangements at the entrance and bouquets for the girls), and then quickly to the reception site to drop off everything else.  Back to the church…

The ceremony was awesome.  The priest was by far the best – personable and funny.  The vows made me cry.  And the view beyond the altar – evergreens and Lake Tahoe – was stunning.

Mom and I, with much help from a very pregnant friend, Anna, used the cocktail hour to get the reception room set up.  The rest of the guests were enjoying drinks on the deck, overlooking the golf course and the lake, while waiting for the wedding party to arrive.  Centerpieces were placed.  Escort cards, table names, and votive candles were laid out, and we managed to put fresh flowers on the cake.  Phew!  At that point, we were ready to join the party!  Congratulations Cameron & Amanda!